Shoe Dyeing reserves the right to decline any order upon receipt, based on professional judgement as to the likely success of the dye job.

Shoe Dyeing will employ all reasonable means of delivering the dyed shoes to the customer in good condition within the specified period. We cannot however be held responsible for circumstances beyond our control. These may include non-delivery by couriers for whatever reason, loss or damage occurring in transit, unavailability of raw materials, or dye jobs that need to be remedied.

Customers are advised that while every care and effort is made to match the colour swatch provided, there may be occasions when an exact colour match cannot be achieved due to the nature of the shoe material or the two-tone nature of the swatch In addition, some colours are harder to match than others. Colour matching is carried out in natural daylight and shade variations can occur under some artificial light conditions and even different daylight conditions. Dyeing is therefore only undertaken at the customer's own risk.

Dyes running in rain can be a problem with some fabric shoes. To prevent this, the shoes can be waterproofed, but after waterproofing it will not be possible to re-dye them.

In order to dye most shoes the lining of the shoe is partially removed. Occasionally, these linings can tear due to their fragile nature and the glue used. Linings are then glued back down and tears are only rarely visible once your foot is in the shoe. No responsibility can be accepted for any damage to shoe linings however.

Goods will not be returned to the customer until full payment has been made for them. Refunds cannot be given once the shoes are dyed.

Defective dyeing will be made good, but please be aware that once dyed the item cannot be restored to its original colour without redyeing. In some cases, the defect is in the item itself and we cannot accept responsibility for this. Dyeing often shows the fault up more than previously, so please check your item carefully and note any defects before they are dyed.