Basic Procedure

All prices include GST
Ivory: $69
Black: $69
Colours: $69
Cleaning after wedding: please enquire
Time You should allow up to two weeks for your shoes to be dyed. It is recommended however that you allow plenty of time before any event such as a wedding in case of unforeseen circumstances.
How to order

Read the How to Order page.

Delivery Items can either be picked up or couriered to  you. The courier service may incur an additional charge.
Other It is important that shoes be fitted before being dyed.

Information about Dyeable Fabric Shoes
Dyeable fabric shoes are made from fabric (either satin or crepe) that is designed to be dyed with specially formulated dyes. They are best dyed using these dyes, and not spray-painted or painted with DIY dye kits. Painting these shoes causes them to lose their sheen or lustre, and the paint will cake.
Advantages of dyeable fabric shoes Disadvantages of dyeable fabric shoes
  • a very wide range of colours is available, in fact, they can be dyed to practically any colour

  • the shoes retain their lustre and look stunning

  • the dye will not chip or scratch

  • can be redyed a darker colour later if desired.

  • can be dyed darker, but generally not lighter

  • may watermark, whether dyed or not. This includes the effects of rain, slashes, or seepage from wet ground. A waterproofing spray ($16.75) is available that will make the shoe water resistant though not totally waterproof. Shoes that have had our waterproofing spray applied can usually be redyed.

Other Considerations

Shoes can be colour-matched to your fabric sample or colour chart, but there is no such thing as a perfect colour match. There are a number of reasons that a dyed shoe will look different to the original colour swatch:

  • the colour of dyed shoes will vary at different times of the day and in different lights

  • everyone sees colour differently
  • each fabric has its own texture which contributes to its colour and finish. Thus, a dyed item made out of different fabric it will never look identical
  • some colours are harder to match than others. Metallics can also be difficult to achieve
  • shoes made with two different fabrics e.g. different types of fabric, or suede and leather, will exhibit colour variations between the fabrics
To combat these challenges, colour matching is carried out in natural daylight, and swatches are usually sent to customers for prior approval. However, an element of risk is always present. Customers are therefore advised that while every care and effort is made to match the colour swatch provided, there may be occasions when an exact colour match cannot be achieved. Dyeing is undertaken at the customer's risk.
We can also accept no responsibility for blemishes due to the manufacturing process of the shoe itself. For example, the glue used in the shoes is not always visible until the shoes are dyed.