Dyeing Checklist:
  • A sample of the colour you want your items dyed to. This needn't be large - around 5 square centremetres - but must clearly show the colour. This can be a fabric sample, a paint chart that shows the colour you desire, or another item such as a handbag. Please be aware however that slight colour variations can occur when dye or paint is applied to different materials.
  • If your fabric sample is two-tone, please provide a colour swatch with a single colour. We cannot dye shoes two-tone. If you have any questions, please call to discuss before they are dyed.
  • Inform us of the date you require the item/s. If there is a particular date you need them e.g. a wedding or a fitting, it is helpful for us to know your urgency.
  • A street delivery address e.g. home or work, if you prefer your shoes to be returned to you by courier. This is the preferred method as it is very convenient. The address provided should have someone available to receive the package during work hours.
  • Your name and contact phone number.
  • Your credit card details, direct credit arrangements, or a cheque for the correct amount (see Home Page). Credit cards or direct debit are preferred as we do need to wait for cheques to clear before we can return the shoes. 
  • Please be sure to read our terms and conditions - this is particularly important in the case of two-tone fabrics. Orders received for dyeing imply your agreement to these conditions.

If you wish to drop your items to be dyed off to our premises, please call first before you come to ensure there is someone here to meet you when you arrive.

Items can be dropped off to our premises, or sent by courier or post. The items are then usually couriered back to you, although you can pick them up in person if you wish.

Our contact details are:
58 Mt Roskill Rd
Mt Roskill
Auckland 1041
ph. 09 629 0936
fax. 09 629 0900

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.